A Personalized Approach to Childbirth Education, Birth Support and Inner Transformation

and a Magical and Peaceful Beginning for your Baby

"I will first start by saying that nothing comes close to matching the magnificence of bringing a new life into this world , but having a supportive, knowledgeable, comforting doula makes that experience even greater. Courtney, I can’t even find the words to describe how you helped me, but I will try. You have this calming way about you, and your voice alone helped ease even the worse contractions"

Dear Expecting Mom during Covid

I know this isn't how you pictured it

Believe me, I know what it's like

Because I gave birth during the pandemic too

I know what its like to cancel the baby shower

and the maternity pictures

and to wonder if that's still enough

I know what its like to stay up late scrolling through the news

and wearing masks

and wondering if the tightening in your chest is from getting sick or just from your anxiety

and ask why us? why now?

Let me tell you this....even as a doula, I found myself feeling scared.

and anxious

So if you are feeling it also, be gentle with yourself

But more importantly, don't wait to take action

Because even if you can't change your circumstances, you can learn how to change your mindset

and you can prepare....

You can prepare your mind now

You can prepare your body now

and most of all, you can prepare your spirit now

Because there is no reason you can't still have your perfect birth

I'll let you in on a secret....You have more control than you think you do

Everything you need to have is already within you

You may just need help accessing it

Let me share with you over a 4 week period the things that not only help my clients the most...but helped myself.

Will there still be uncertainty?

Yes, there always will be

But uncertainty doesn't have to equal fear.

Let me help you learn everything you need to know... and most of all

let me be someone you can talk to.



Now accepting registrations for our March 3rd class!

Mamaveda started out as a childbirth education class...and then evolved into what mothers kept asking for.

Because that's what mothers do....we constantly change and transform to meet needs.

And we do it from a place of love.

Mamaveda's 30 days to a Blissful Birth now works to help soon-to-be mothers discover their inner ability to heal and bring peace to their minds and bodies.

And in a time like today, this more needed than EVER.

Regardless if this is your first pregnancy or 3rd... Mamaveda is here to help you be mentally, physically and spiritually prepared for having the birth you want as well as the journey after.

When you join, you'll be immersed into a supportive community of other mothers who are here to grow, learn, love, and contribute. 

You'll learn absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know (relaxation techniques, yoga poses, birth plans, breathing, exercises, postpartum and more) through the LIVE 30 day training.

You will learn meditation and learn about how it can transform your life and support you through motherhood.

You will receive one on one guidance from the teacher to check in on your progress.

Each week you'll be given a new assignment to complete and by the end of the 30 days you'll have all the resources at your fingertips to help make your dream birth a reality.

You will receive a daily birth affirmation to keep you motivated and inspired!

And if you run into any questions or feel overwhelmed, we've got you. Inside Mamaveda, you'll gain access to support inside our Facebook community, and weekly live calls.

We make sure you have everything you need to have your birth on your terms.

Mamaveda Birth 30 DAY Blissful Birth Challenge is the perfect blend of education, community, support and action....and FUN!

Hosted by Courtney Hanson, doula, certified lactation consultant, and certified prenatal yoga instructor and meditation teacher, this is the most advanced and up to date online childbirth class that will not only help prepare you for birth, but also help with the rest of your life.

Imagine If...

.... you felt a strong inner peace that  helped protect your baby from stress and anxiety

...you were able to give your baby the best possible start to life

...you knew without a doubt you could give birth without the worry of "can I do it?"

....  you were excited about the challenge of childbirth and excited to watch your body In action do what it was naturally created to do!

...you knew the most important things you could do to keep labor progressing

... you knew all the most effective ways to eliminate and reduce pain to have an enjoyable birth 

...you felt confident about the postpartum period and breastfeeding


...you could minimize the chances of unnecessary interventions and possible C-section (1 out of 3 women in the United States)

- avoid experiencing a traumatic birth (between 25-34 percent of women report their birth as being traumatic!)

...eliminate fears and anxiety about the unknown and the process of labor

...avoid having decisions being made for you and feel confident in becoming your best advocate during birth

...find out what the biggest hurdles in breastfeeding are and how to overcome them

You don't have to go through this alone...

Mamaveda's 30 Days to a Blissful Birth is your personal guide.

What our students are saying...

Meet Your Mentor

doula, childbirth educator

My name Is Courtney and I created Mamaveda's 30 Days to a Blissful Birth because I wanted to create something for moms that I couldn't find myself when I was pregnant with my first child.

I took a standard birth class. 

I read the pregnancy books. 

And even though I learned some fundamentals, I still felt like I was lacking in confidence and support. 

After giving birth to my daughter, I felt so at home being a mother...like I was made for this...but I also kept thinking about my birth experience and how I wish I could help other women going through the same thing. 

I decided to pursue becoming a doula, and I never looked back! 

I also became a Certified Yoga Instructor and Ayurvedic teacher after practicing for over 13 years myself. I have taken advanced courses about birth, breastfeeding, meditation, and consciousness based healing. 

I truly am a lover of learning! 

By creating this online birth class I have an opportunity to share the absolute favorite things I've learned, and have essentially created the class I wish I had for myself many years ago! 

But I didn't want to stop there. 

I remember meeting a mom a couple years back that wanted to give birth at a birth center but couldn't afford the price tag of a birth class they required. 

For her family, $400 was a big deal....as it is for most of us! 

But most birth classes are going to cost around that amount, if not even more. 

I wanted to see if I could offer a high quality course that would not only be LIVE but also be less than $200.... 

I'm so proud of this course and am so happy to offer it to anyone who is looking to inform and empower themselves during pregnancy.

How Does It Work?


A big part of having a positive birth experience is knowing what to expect.  Learn the science about birth anatomy, hormones, and much more in a way that's broken down and simple to understand. 

A Focus on the Inner Self

Our greatest sense of security and peace comes from within, not from the external world. Mamaveda helps you tap into this inner wisdom.

Yoga and Breathing Techniques 

Learn effective ways to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and dive deep into a relaxed state. Mamaveda uses the latest research on Ayurveda unlike any other childbirth class.

Pain Management Techniques 

Mamaveda Birth will teach you breathing techniques, birthing positions, meditation, mindfulness, and tips you can do with your partner...all with one big advantage. Reducing pain during birth!

Pregnancy and Postpartum Support

Moms need support...and Covid has made it much harder to find.  Mamaveda connects you with other mothers just like you. Stay connected with our private facebook group.

Confidence to begin Breastfeeding

Mamaveda is a certified lactation consultant, so you will get the best head start learning about how to successfully breastfeed, especially in the early days. 

Is This You?

  • You're excited about your new baby on the way, but you feel overwhelmed with all the things you need to learn before your big day
  • You've heard of a million different ways you can plan for your birth, but you just want to be confident that the one you choose will work best for you
  • ​You're worried about the pain of childbirth and are unsure how you'll be able to handle it
  • ​Every time you tell someone you are hoping for a natural birth they tell you that you will change your mind...and now you have doubts in your ability to do it
  • You're uncertain of the best approach and want someone who has "been there, done that" to help guide you
  • ​You want to learn all that you can about childbirth so when your time comes you can do it confidently and on your own terms
  • You want to feel prepared and confident to breastfeed your baby and thrive once you bring your baby home

If the statements above describe YOU...
Mamaveda's 30 Day Blissful Birth Challenge is the perfect solution for you.

Here's  What You'll Get With  Mamaveda's 
30 Day Blissful Birth  Challenge 

4 Weeks of Live Classes

Each week you will be sent a link with an invitation for our Zoom class. Each class lasts approximately 2 hours long and its full of enriching content.  Need to miss a class? No problem! Each class is recorded and the replay is sent the next day!

Important Handouts & Templates

Each week includes a handout that you can print as well as some of the most helpful links of videos and demonstrations.  You will also get Mamaveda's proven birth plan template and birth bag checklist that has been used by hundreds of expecting moms like yourself.

Weekly Live Q&A

A true advantage of our class is the ability to ask questions one on one with a doula after each class. We recognize that every pregnancy is different, and there are just some things that we can't include in a pre-recorded class.

Supportive Community

Whether its just seeing another friendly face on the live class or connecting with other mothers in our private facebook group, Mamaveda helps moms find the support in one of the most effective ways we know to exist....the support of other moms!

Plus These Amazing Bonuses!

Weekly Live Group Meditation, Affirmation and Support Group

Each week Mamamveda holds a group meditation to help strengthen your practice and experience the benefits of meditating with others. Whether you want more help or are just looking for more accountability to meditate regularly, this group meditation is optional but loved by many!

Daily Birth Affirmation

Every morning you will get a Birth Affirmation and a personal note by email to help encourage you and mentally prepare you for your big day!

Birth Bag Checklist List

Take advantage of our expertly compiled list of things that a doula highly recommends when packing a bag for the hospital!

Personal 30 Student One on One

You will get a personal 30 minute call to check in on your progress and be able to ask one on one any questions you may have.

Next Course Date Starts March 3rd! 

Each Live class occurs Wednesday nights at 7pm and is recorded for you to watch anytime!

Save your Spot Today!

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A Day by Day Guide to having a blissful pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

What our students are saying...

And Yes, Your Partner Will Love The Course Too!

  • Flexibility: Just like a good Netflix series, its always better if you can watch together, but if you miss a class, watch the replay on your own time!
  • First Hand Experience: Dads can practice techniques with their partners before the big day so they feel confident too!
  • Face to Face Q &A: Dads sometimes think of questions we miss ourselves, which is a great reason to have them involved in the LIVE Q and A sessions with a doula
  • Free if you Don't Love it: If after the first class you don't think this is the class for you, no worries! We give back your full class price, no questions asked!

What our students are saying

What's The Process?

Week 1: Introduction to Birth Choices and Beginning a Birth Plan

Mamaveda kicks off with an important practice of discovering  your ideal birth followed by a deep dive into exploring some of the common choices in birth.  You are introduced to the idea of a birth plan so you can start working on your own using our effective template throughout the four weeks.

Week 2: What the Progression of Labor is Actually Like

Not knowing what to expect is one of the most common fears of childbirth expressed by mothers.  We go deep into the anatomy and hormone events that help labor begin and continue to progress and explain it in a simple to understand way. Most importantly, we help you understand how to help control these things, therefore preventing "failure to progress," the number one reason for Caesarean.

Week 3: Relaxation and Pain Management Techniques

We go above and beyond outdated childbirth classes and bring you the most updated techniques to influence your mind and help minimize and cope with pain.  Mamaveda teaches positions and techniques you can practice with your partner to help minimize pain during birth....and mindfulness and meditation to help you deal with any discomfort or stress.

Week 4: The Postpartum Period and Breastfeeding

Most childbirth classes teach about birth, but fail to prepare mom for the immediate postpartum period and breastfeeding.  We know that confidence is one of the major factors contributing to moms starting off on the right foot with their breastfeeding journey, so we don't leave that out!  As a certified lactation consultant, Courtney is able to provide the important things you need to know about breastfeeding.

What our students are saying

Mamaveda's 30 Day Blissful Birth Challenge Is More Than Just A Course...

Over Four Live Classes you will be guided through the process of preparing for your perfect birth

With Mamaveda Birth, you will:

Discover your own ideal birth through proven visualization exercises....remembering no two births are exactly alike!

Learn about the many possible birth choices and interventions and how to decide which ones fit into your birth plan

Get Mamaveda's favorite Ayurvedic tips for a healthy and happy pregnancy and birth

Learn science backed breathing techniques to promote relaxation and balance.

Experience a simple meditation technique that can be used during pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period

Learn about the role of a doula and have the opportunity to work one on one with a doula virtually or explore our network of in person doulas

Learn how to prepare for the postpartum period and feel confident in your ability to breastfeed

This class uses the most up to date research on birth and mindfulness and combines it with thousand year old time tested practices that modern science now backs to help you have the most positive and empowering childbirth experience. 

Other Birth Courses

  • Live in person classes are limited in size and can be hard with social distancing
  • Require a lot of practice each day to be effective
  • Teacher is reading off scripts
  • Tries to make having an unmedicated birth the "goal"​
  • ​Are only available as "pre-recorded" sessions with no live instruction
  • ​Fails to prepare mothers for postpartum 

Mamaveda Birth Course

  • Teach proven meditation and mindfulness techniques which can be used for a lifetime
  • Can be impactful with only 5 minutes twice daily
  • Taught by a certified yoga and meditation teacher
  • ​Having a positive birth experience is the goal!
  • ​Is taught by a doula who works with real mothers
  • ​Makes sure mothers know how to have a positive postpartum experience

Student Spotlight

By the end of Mamaveda Birth Course Challenge you will:

  • ​Feel fully confident in making the right choices for your birth
  • ​Feel empowered and capable of dealing with any pain during your childbirth
  • Be prepared to breastfeed your new baby anywhere, anytime and never have to worry if you will have enough milk
  • Understand how to solve any problem during your pregnancy and have an entire community there to support you along the way
  • ​Know valuable meditation and mindfulness techniques to help you find inner peace even in the most stressful and anxious moments of your pregnancy

What our students are saying

Courtney's Personal 30 Day Guarantee

I believe so strongly in the power and effectiveness of the Mamaveda Birth  Course that I want to make it completely risk free for you.

I guarantee that you will love the course and after the 30 days are up you'll be more prepared, more excited and more confident in your ability to bring your new baby into this world.

And if for any reason you are not satisfied at the end of 30 days just let me know and I will refund your money no hassle and no questions asked.

Save your Spot Today!

Temporary reduced price in time of Covid


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